About Us

Cambodia Tourism Website is based in Siem Reap and it is part of Cambodia Travel site which provide readers the latest travel news from Cambodia, the ASEAN region and the rest of the world.

Our goal is to bring the useful and informative information for reader and with those who relevant in Cambodia tourism and hospitality industry.


In order to promote Cambodia to the world. Our local talented team work as both editors, writers and photographers and help put a foreign perspective on travel site when needed. Using local media, report to gather and update travel news where we use the same data to publish in our website.

It is very important to provide up-to-date and true information for travelers both local and tourist to make up their minds, and very well informed, the easier it becomes for them to decide what, when, where and how to visit the places in Cambodia.


Cambodia Tourism Website is NOT a tour company that provides people with vacations or holiday packages that include a travel product (hotel, guide, car, visit…). Our aim is to provide information that need for tourist worldwide.

We are NOT based or owned in a Western country with multiple projects all over the World, our only focus is on Cambodia and especially Siem Reap where most tourists around the world come.

We do NOT expect tourist to pay project fees to us. Please take a look below at how we support community as Project Partners.