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Cambodia Independence Day

Independent Day
Independent Day

This national holiday is celebrated on 9 November each year. If 9 November falls on a weekday, the following working day will be a holiday. The holiday was established to celebrate the anniversary of Cambodia’s independence from France on 9 November 1953 and is Cambodia’s national holiday.

When did Cambodia gain independence from France?

When the late King Norodom Sihanouk declared independence from France on November 9, 1953—60 years ago on Saturday—he was fulfilling the goal of many Cambodians who had been advocating for the end of French rule since the 1930s.

Who colonized Cambodia?

Kambuja’s power steadily diminished until 1863, when France colonized the region, joining Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam into a single protectorate known as French Indochina. The French quickly usurped all but ceremonial powers from the monarch, Norodom.

When did the French take over Cambodia?

5 Dark ages of Cambodia (1431–1863)
6 French colonial period (1863–1953)
7 Administration of Sihanouk (1953–70)
8 Khmer Republic and the War (1970–75)

When did the French colonized Cambodia?

1945-1953 – Struggle for Independence.
1863-1953 – French Colonial Rule. The Portuguese in the 16th century were the first Europeans to explore the valley of Tonle-Tom, and to this day descendants of the Portuguese are to be found in Cambodia.

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