After Angkor, Head for the Coastline

My partner and I want to go to Cambodia in early to mid-December for about a week. We have travelled through most of Asia but this will be our first time in Cambodia. Besides Angkor Wat, what other must-dos are recommended? We love food, local culture, architecture, wildlife and history. Should we try to extend our stay to 10-14 days or is one week long enough?Angkor is the single reason most travellers go to Cambodia; the rest of the country is not to everyone's tastes. However, since you'r...

Cambodia Displays its Natural Wonder

Trip Planner
CHI PHAT, CAMBODIA—Inside a breezy bamboo structure in this village in the remote province of Koh Kong, near the Thai border in southwestern Cambodia, a dozen or so foreigners sat for a communal dinner of chicken curry and Angkor Beer. Cinnamon-hued cattle and elderly women wearing ikat sarongs and checkered scarves ambled along the dusty road outside.Eating by the light given off by fishing cages doubling as lamps, the group recounted the day’s activities: birdwatching at sunrise, mountain ...