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Ampe Phnom

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Ampe Phnom is the natural and cultural resort locating at Tang Tonle Village and Ampe Phnom Village, So Por Tep Commune and Svay Kra Van Commune, Chbar Mon District in 48 Kilometer distance from Phnom Penh, then turning left more two kilometers. The site features a stream, walking paths and big shade trees. A wobby, wood-and-cable suspenseion bridge across the stream links Tang Tonle and Ampe Phnom Village.

On the Ampe Phnom side of the stream site an old pagoda where the Cambodians worship during festivals. Visitor can swim in the stream, traverse the suspenseion bridge or simply relax in one of the many cottages about the stream. Food and beverages are available for sale, and the surrounding woods are full of monkeys.

You will find Ampe Phnom in Kampong Speu in the So Por Tep Commune and Svay Kra Van Commune in the Chbar Mon District. Kampong Speu is about 48-Kilometers distance from Phnom Penh and you will find the beautiful site immediately after turning left as soon as you reach Kampong Speu. The site of Ampe Phnom,is within two kilometers from Phnom Penh.

Ampe Phnom, Kampong Speu is a resort that has Natural River adorned with many big trees growing along its sides. The site is beautiful and presents a picturesque view. The `mountain foot? is a rocking bridge that links from Tang Tonle Village to Ampe Phnom Village. The old pagoda is perched on a hill and is regarded as a place of worship by the Cambodian people. The traditional festivals of Cambodia are celebrated with pomposity in the temple. At Ampe Phnom tourists can spend time by swimming or walking through the rocking bridge. In addition to that you are provided with the opportunity of resting at the collages along the riverbank.

Kampong Speu attracts tourists from all over the world. The city of Cambodia shares its border with Kandal. The province enhances tourism and there are various sites that make your tour to the city unforgettable. The main attraction in Kampong Speu is Ampe Phnom. Enjoy the relaxing lunch on the cottages situated above the stream. Moreover the Ampe Phnom, Kampong Speu provides you opportunity to take pleasure from the panoramic view presented by green environment.

The Amper Phnom is a small mountain which is visited by many tourists round the year. If you want to spend a quiet day in a relaxed mood, then Amper Phnom is the best place. You can picnic with your friends and family members. Take a walk by the side of the river. Amper Phnom is located at a distance of about five kilometers from the town of Kampong Speu.

A nature reserve with a river, walking paths and big shady trees, Ampe Phnom also has a beautiful old wat perched on top of a small hill. Visitors can swim in the Prek Thnoat River, visit the old pagoda or simply relax in one of the many bamboo huts along the river. Whole deep-fried chicken and catfish are a specialty of the area. These can be bought from the many stalls along the river. But beware, as the surrounding woods are full of monkeys so keep an eye on your food and belongings.

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