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How to Get There

Kampong Speu town is just about 40 km from the outskirts from Phnom Penh. Kampong Speu province is situated in western Cambodia between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. t’s flatter regions are quite nondescript but, the area towards the Cardamom Mountains is well worth a visit.are departing from the Southwest corner of the Phsar Thmey (central market) the price is 6000-8000 Riel.

Get In

  • Bus: several bus companies going from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, you’ll have the opportunity to choose freely from one of these. They pass Kampong Speu, so you just have to book a ticket to the provincial capital or you go a bit further depending on where you would like to go too. The most buses are departing from the Southwest corner of the Phsar Thmey (central market). The price shouldn’t be higher than 6000-8000 Riel per ride. The buses depart almost every hour of the day, especially in the morning and midday (no buses after 4pm).
  • Share Taxi: You can take share taxis mostly leaving Phnom Penh in the morning time, as there is still business to make, when they approach in Kampong Speu. They leave also from the Charles de Gaulle (Southwest from th central market). The prices are around US 3-4 USD
  • Motorcycle : Travel free with your own motorbike from Phnom Penh to Kampong Speu on national highway No 4 in direction of Sihanoukville. As the provincial capital (Kampong Speu) 48km from Phnom Penh it’s a one-hour ride with the motorbike. The street is in best condition, but the traffic, especially coming close to Phnom Penh might sometimes take your last nerve.

Getting Around

  • Kampong Speu to Sihanouk Ville: it is 182km to travel to SihanoukVille, you can take bus by waiting along the road to Sihanouk Ville, Serveral bus will pick you up.
  • Kampong Speu to Kirirom National Park: Preah Soramrit Kosamak Kirirom National Park is on Kirirom Mountain, in Oamrei Phong village, Kirirom commune, Phnom Sruoch district, about 117 kilometers southwest of Phnom Penh. The mountain is 700 meters high. A natural site, it once was Preah Kosamak town. This well conserved park, abundant in fresh air, has waterfalls and is full of tall pine trees and orchid flowers.
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