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There few hotels and many guesthouses you can accommodate. Many of guesthouses are scattered around town (especially near the market)., the decent places are close to the riverside. For budget staying, only spend 5 USD you can get a fan room of a comfortable size with private bathroom (cold water) and TV.

  • Arunras Hotel. Formerly called Neak Meas Hotel.¬† Located in the center of town. The hotel has nice terraces on each floor, and the rooms on the third floor has a good view with a cool drink. Clean rooms with a/c, TV, and double bed are US$10. For a room on the first floor with hot water add US$5. The restaurant downstairs you can eat Khmer, Asian or Western Food. Tel: 0961294
  • Stung Sen Royal Garden Hotel. ¬†Located in the town. The rooms come fully furnished and the gargantuan suites are a good accommodation for an extra 5 USD/night. All rooms have a/c, TV, fridge, Western bath and hot water shower. Depending on the room size, they go for US$20-25. Tel: 09261228
  • Sambor Prey Kuk Hotel. The hotel has a good fortune for budget travelers, who like it a bit older for less money. The rooms are well equipped with Western bath and fan or air-con. Some rooms have TV. The prices range from US$4-8 (without air-con) and from US$6-10 (including air-con).¬† Tel: 0961359
  • Vimeansuor Guesthouse. Offer comfortable room at reasonable price. It’s a very clean place with nice rooms, attached Western bath and ceiling fan for US$6.
  • Mohalleap Guesthouse. It’s another clean place with an Asian bath and fan room going for US$3.
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