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Handicdraft Centre at Mekong

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Handicraft center is located at Koh Dach Commune, Muk Kampool District at the middle of Mekong River. The commune of Koh Dach has 12-kilometer length and width from 100m to 2,500 Metres, borders Prek Luong commune at the East and Uk Nha Tey commune, Koh Dach district at the west, and faces with the communes of Prek Leap and Bak Kheng, Muk Kanpool District. The commune of Koh Dach has five villages, namely: Koh Dach, Kbal Koh, Lvea, Chong Koh and Neah village. The commune’s Hall is located at Kbal Koh village. Due to flooding of Mekong River flowing from Upper Mekong to Lower Mekong then to Vietnam has caused the area of Kbal Koh guadually collapsed. The main careers of the local people there are: РPlanting sub-product crop such as corn, seasame, bean and banana. РPlanting fruit tree РManufacturing mosquito net, silk sarong, Phamuong, Hol, silk krama and running small businesses. The commune of koh Dach has three pagodas, namely Ampor Phal, Kra Pumpich and SaMaki kbal koh. The interesting tradition of the people existing long time ago is the real handicraft of Khmer. In all accommodations of the people has individual loom according to the capital of each family. In addition, the commune of Koh Dach has racing boats for men and women. Am Pon Phal pagoda has two boats are rowboat and dugout for men; Sa Mak, Kbal Koh pagoda has two boats are rowboat and dugout for men; Kra Pum Pich pagoda has two boats are one rowboat for men and one rowboat for women. According to the wealth of the island having natural resources and interesting tradition, in the future, if the country has political, economic and security stability, we are able to arrange this island to become the main tourist attraction of the province by implementing as follow: РTo foster the weaving, manufacture and talent of weavers, and to expand the handicraft work in manufacturing Hol, Pha Muong and Silk Kroma to meet the international standard for tourists. РTo repair road network in the commune and to well organize the village by building the Khmer architectural houses and educating the people to maintain their tradition such as lifestyle, dress and popular game. РTo arrange the Kbal Koh area as swimming zone and to organize guesthouses, restaurant and canteens in maintaining their sanitation. РTo expand boat racing teams for men and women to be active in their performance during the national and religious festivals.

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