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Kean Svay Krau Pagoda

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Kean Svay Krau Pagoda is located at Phum Thum commune, Kean Svay District in total distance of 19 km from Phnom Penh or 20 km from Ta Khmao. To get there, we travel along the National Road N0 1 (Phnom Penh Svay Rieng), pass over Preak Monivong bridge (the Kbal Thnol bridge) to kilometer 19, then turn left by a trail into the gate of Kean Svay Krau pagoda in 300-metre distance will reach the entertainment center.

The resort of Kean Svay Krau pagoda is located at Kean Svay District and has 10-kilometre distance from Phnom Penh along the National Road N0 1. The resort has the natural beauty decorated by small and big high trees, crop and fruit trees giving cool shadow with green scenery. Long ago it was not a resort; it occurred after 1979 and has main point at Kean Svay Krau pagoda. In additional, the resort is stretched over by an excellent river of Ktob shared from Mekong River flowing across the fertile area with abundant crop farms. The river of Ktob seems to exclusively provide itself to the local people there in planting and living with hope.

At either side of Ktob River, there are many small and big fruit trees growing and spreading out their branches to the river enchanting tourists to visit the resort. We found that the river of Ktob is the main point in attracting local and international tourists to visit as there are fresh air and natural beauty. Also, the river of Ktob is the communicating mean from the resort to the village of Ko Am which also has the natural beauty, Most tourists who visit the resort are from Phnom Penh and from surrounding there. On the other word, the resort attracts visitors due to floating houses, can teens, various entertainment, and delicious food like grill chicken, grill fish and fruit such as jack fruit, mango, banana, coconut…etc. Due to natural beauty, the tourist site of Kean Svay can attract many tourists to visit; so the Provincial Tourist office and territory authority as well as the village committee should arrange, develop and improve the area by implementing like: – To arrange order for parking of bikes, motorcycles and cars in order to avoid – messiness and losing beauty at the area. – To arrange sanitation by putting dustbins to the area in order to avoid throwing litter everywhere from tourists. – To arrange order for sellers and to set up a proper pricing policy for them. To assure security for tourists.

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