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Phnom Prasith

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Phnom Prasith Located at the communes of Ma Kak, Phnom Penh District and Chhving, Ponhea Leu District. To get there “By the document of Khmer Table Part 6 “ explains that tourists should travel along the National Road N0 5 (Phnom Penh-Battambang) until they reach the Kilometer 38 closed to Udong market, turn left about 16 Kilometers by the National Road N0 26 until they reach the turning road, turn left as long as they reach the Prasith Mountain. Nowadays, visitor do not like to go along the National Road N0 26 which is not in good condition and 100% safe. This road is also the common border of Kandal and Kampong Speu.

The popular road to reach the Prasith Mountain is the National Road N0 5, when we reach the turning road at Pred Pnov market in Kilometre 11, turn left about 13 kilometres. The total distance from Phnom Penh to Prasith Mountain is 24 km and from Ta Khmao to Prasith mountain is 35 km. In the future, if the National Road N0 26 and other roads to Prasith mountain are in good condition and assuring security, the transporting of tourists can go around the Prasith mountain, firstly exit by the trail to the National Road N0 26 then proceed to the Idtharoes mountain. The Prasith Mountain related to the both mountains bordered by the valley in Kandal Province. Amongst the two mountains, the mountain at the west has no many stories. Whereas the mountain at the East has stories related religion with a big Buddhist statue achieved Nirvana and stories related to the history Khmer’s King. Nowadays, the Prasith Mountain has no many big trees and decoration. There are few visitors visit there because of bad arrangement and management. How ever, this attractive site has beautiful scenery and fresh air. The Prasith Mountain is the cultural, historical and natural site.

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