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Night Life

Today, Phnom Penh has become a amazing little party city, offering a wonderful and happy nightlife and many places from which you can choose such as disco, sports bars, pubs, karaoke, upscale clubs and more in the city.

Bars and clubs are scattered across the town but usually not taking more than a five minute to reach the places. And there are several little ranges of bars and diskco clubs around the city allowing you to spot from one to another easily.

As places is very popular such as the riverfront area offering great number of places with many of bars and restaurants stretching along Sisowath Quay and up the side streets and Street 104 and Street 136 both road goodly collections of sports and hostess bars open till late night. Another buddle of hostess bars places are located at the corner of Streets 108 and 51.

Bar and club open from 9:00pm till late night. In the couple of blocks between Streets 154 and 174, Street 51 near the Dark Heart clubs are clusttered with a varied collection bars, very busy till late night –  Dark of Heart, Seang Hai, Walkabout, Zeppelin, and Howies are but a few of the Street 51 places. The street is busiest after midnight with some bars open past 4AM. Street 51 is also a good place to place to get a midnight snack. The Walkabout is open 24/7, Zeppelin Café serves food until at least 4AM and there are a couple of late night restaurants in the Golden Sorya Mall opposite the Heart.

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