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Phnom Penh offer variety of souvenirs, art, silks, handicrafts and artwork,  The market offers good range and variety of shopping commodities and products. Traditional Cambodian souvenirs include fine hand-loomed silks, Angkorian and Buddhist themed carvings and statuary, hand-pounded silverwork, colored gems, traditional handicrafts.

Shopping is located in the city and some you can buy at night market and local market.

Where to Buy

  • New Central Market (Phsar Thmey) Around the main buildings are stalls offering Krama’s (red and white checked scarves), stationery, household items, clothes for sarongs, flowers and second hand clothes, usually from Europe and the US. For photographers, the fresh food section affords a lot of opportunities. There are a host of good value food stalls on the structure’s western side, which faces Monivong Blvd. Central Market is undoubtedly one of the best of Phnom Penh’s markets for browsing. It is the cleanest and has the widest range of products for sale. Opening hours are from early morning until early evening.
  • Tuol Tom Pong Market (Russian market): More commonly referred to by foreigners as the Russian Market, this is located at the corner of St. 440 and st.163, south of Mao Tse Tung Blvd. It is the best place in town for souvenir shopping, having a large range of real and fake antiquities. Items for sale include miniature Buddha’s, silk, silver jewelry, gems, video, ganja and a host of other goodies. Clothes such as t-shirts, trousers, jackets or shoes are very reasonable. It’s well worth popping in for a browse.
  • Psar O Russei: Don’t be confused with the Russian Market, it’s not that one even if it sounds like. The market is located in a huge yellow-bleached house looking like a shopping mall from outside next to Capitol Tours, east from the Olympic Stadium and closed to the Monivong Blvd. It features almost all kind of products focusing on luxury foodstuffs, costume jewellery, imported toiletries, second-hand and new clothes, and some electrical devises. Once you enter it you’ll find a kind of labyrinth with hundreds of small overloaded stalls. It’s worth popping in if you want to experience an older Khmer-style market.
  • Boutiques, Silk Shops and Art Galleries: Most boutiques and Art Gallerys offers a variety of contemporary Southeast and East Asian art (Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese) including paintings, oils, watercolors, creations, photographs, posters and cards.  2)-Based silk and handicraft Product for Cambodian products produced  3)-Some Boutique offer offering a unique Eurasian fashions designs, silks, quilts, pillows, soft furnishing, bags and exotic homewards. 4)-Some offer Imported diamonds and other gems. Jewelry, gems, both set and unset. 5)-Other include Cambodia Black Pepper, Home Decoration and Bag and Others for travler needs.

What to buy

  • Cambodian Silk: Silk Products is one of traveler shopping goodies. Cambodian silks has been known  as prized by silk collectors in the world. Most of the silk products available in Cambodia is hand-loomed using the traditional ikat method of dying the threads and looming in the patterns. Both raw and fine silks are available in the form of bolts, sarongs, clothing and various handicrafts. Cambodian silk is available at the Russian Market, silk shops and boutiques across town, many specializing in silk creations such as tailored Asian and Euro-Asian fashions, fashion accessories and soft furnishings.
  • Silverwork: In Phnom Penh there are several place to sell silver, especially in Market. Silver betel containers are popular, traditional souvenirs. The pounded silver containers are often shaped like animals, fruits and vegetables, and were originally used in ceremonial and everyday life. Nowadays, silver betel containers are made primarily for sale as souvenirs but are still hand crafted using traditional techniques and styles. Available at the traditional markets, most souvenir shops and at some jewelry stores such as Sit Down Jeweler.
  • Statues and Carvings: What is special for Statues and carvings? Khmer Archetect has very skilled at making status and carving product available for tourist to buy. Status and carving is considered as one of traditional subjects, often copies of Angkorian era works as well as Buddha’s and various type of Hindu gods and personages, are available in stone, wood, brown, iron and brass. Statues make for relatively heavy, bulky souvenirs but are still very popular because of their beauty and artistic value. The replica of an Angkorian era bust of Jayavarman VII with its graceful lines and peaceful smile is truly captivating and is perhaps the most popular piece.
  • Art Product: There are many kind of art product available for traveler to buy. Over the last couple of years Cambodia’s art scene has been interested and sudden increase, particularly in the fashionable arts as a new generation of Khmer artists takes the fore. The silk, art and furniture boutiques along Street 240 in Phnom Penh and the art galleries and boutiques on Street 178 near the National Museum are both great areas to explore for quality traditional and contemporary Southeast Asian art. Of particular note, the award winning Reyum Gallery on Street 178 offers some of the most interesting and important exhibitions in town, featuring the work of some of Cambodia’s best known and upcoming contemporary artists as well as cultural exhibitions. New exhibitions open every couple of months. Reyum also offers a unique selection of books on Cambodian culture, art, archaeology and architecture.
  • Gems: Cambodia has its own originally gem which has been renowned since 60 decades.  in Cambodia , particularly in the area of Pailin, is a fertile source of colored stones, particularly sapphires and rubies. In addition to the listed jewelers, gem dealers can be found at the Central Market and Russian Market. Know something about gems and/or know your jeweler before spending much money.
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