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Steung Ksach Resort

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Is the natural resort, locates along the river of Sen at Thmey Village, Kampong Pra Nak Commune, Tbeng Mean Chey District in three-Kilometer distance from the provincial town by a trail. The resort has served the local visitors especially those who live in the provincial town of Preah Vihear with their leisure activities usually like swimming and boating during the national festivals. Preah Vihear Province has 228 ancient temples included:

– 108 temples in Ku Len District.
– 16 temples in Sang Kum Thmey District.
– 55 temples in Cham Ksan District.
– 18 temples in Chheb District.
– 11 temples in Ro Vieng District.
– 11 temples in Chey Sen District.
– 09 temples in Tbeng Mean Chey District.

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