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Eat & Drink

There are numerous restaurants and bars in Prey Veng which let you enjoy an authentic dinning experience at the restaurants and bars in province. Restaurants offer you a cuisine which is quite light on the stomach. And what’s more, the dishes come at reasonable rates. Mostly the dishes come teemed with rice or sometimes noodles. You will also get both Thai and Vietnamese characteristics in Khmer food. There are many restaurants in provincial town:

Mittapheap Restaurant

The same family of the nearby Mittapheap Hotel owns this restaurant. The manager of this place is always concerned about their guests and therefore ensures fast service. So this place shows up as a friendly, sometimes funny restaurant offering Khmer, Vietnamese and Chinese food.

Arunreas Restaurant

They make the most of their parkway location by having a small sidewalk eating area. It’s a pleasant enough early evening spot as the locals ride by on their evening motorcycle pleasure cruise. They have good food (Western and Khmer), and an English menu to go along with English-speaking staff

No Name Restaurant

Located across the parkway from the Arunreas, this place is easy to spot, as it always seems to have Coca Cola and Player umbrellas set up. The food is tasty, but is prepared to try your hand at Khmer as they don’t speak English and there isn’t an English menu. The staffs is very friendly and though.

Kolap Stung Treng Hotel & Restaurant:
Good Khmer and Chinese food with an English menu and beer girls, to boot.

Hotel Sok-sabat & Restaurant

At the time of our trip, the hotel was talking about expanding its restaurant. It was talking about expanding its restaurant. It was only serving a soup breakfast and catering to wedding parties at the time.

Noodle and Rice Shops

Along the parkway and near the market are some dirt cheap, simple Khmer food stands.

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