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How to Get There

Pursat can be reached from Phnom Penh, Battambang on the National Highway 5 that runs between the national capital of Phnom Penh towards the southeast, and the second largest city in the country, Battambang towards the northwest. This is one of the better roads in the country.

Bus transport costs $2.50 USD from/to Battambang, and $5 USD from/to Phnom Penh. One bus every half-hour in the morning and early afternoon (almost all buses are through Phnom Penh-Battambang services). Travel time is roughly 4 hours from Phnom Penh and 1.5 hours from Battambang. All the major bus companies service Phnom Penh. Sorya and Capitol Tour seem the most reliable. Capitol Tour also has the lastest afternoon departure from Phnom Penh, at 2:00pm (and sometimes 3:00pm also).

Get Around

Central Pursat is easily covered foot. Motodops hang around the market, bus stations, train station, and sometimes along the highway. A ride anywhere in town should cost around 1,000 riel. A day trip to Kampong Luang or elsewhere can be negotiated for $5 or more. The occasional tuk tuk can also be found. The Phnom Pech Hotel rents small motorbikes by the day and half-day.

Get Out of Town

Pursat offers access to the Cardamom Mountains, giving it potential for eco-tourism.
28km away lie the floating villages of Kampong Luang on the Tonle Sap Lake, a poplular day trip.

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