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Tonlay Waiko Hotel:

This is the biggest hotel on side just 300m off the town including a restaurant and a nightclub. It was renovated in 1999 and now remains the best option in town. As the National Police Chief owns it, you can feel totally save. They offer quite spacious rooms with attached Western bathroom, satellite TV and video, air-con and fridge for about $10-25. For reservation: Ttel: 044 945 718

Santepheap Hotel

This is one of the nicest guesthouses in town even if its room’s look quite used (old). The staffs are very friendly and eager to help in any way. They have rooms downstairs without windows and upstairs with one. The rate is $4 without bath and $5 including bath. For reservation Ttel: 011/682 760

Vimean Monorom

This is a fairly new place with rooms that feature two beds and a Western bath. The rooms are US$ 10 with a fan or US$ 15 with a/c. Going there you might have the impression of an old Soviet exterior. For reservation: Tel: 044 945 817

The Three Guesthouses

All on different sides of the same corner, these guesthouses have more than the location in common. They all have fairly well cleaned rooms and are US$ 4 a night without a fan, US$ 5 with.

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