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Chruos Phaork

Chruos Phaork, Takeo is one of the well known nature and wildlife preserves in Cambodia. This serene and beautiful preserve is situated in the Pou Village in Preah Bat Choan Chum Commune. Chruos Phaork, Takeo is in fact located in the Kiri ong District which, in general, boasts of grand sceneries and lovely foliage.

From the Provincial town the Chruos Phaork, Takeo is about 44 kms. Tourists will find sufficient conveyance and the journey is of a duration of 1 hour approximately. In this nature and wildlife preserve the tourists will get too see a lot of greenery. The flowers here are vibrant and colorful. Sometimes the tourists will find rare plants in the locale. It is indeed a delightful venture. Like most of the other natural and wildlife tourist attractions in Takeo at the Chruos Phaork too the tourists will find rare insects and birds too.

Chruos Phaork, Takeo is the perfect example of a well balanced bio-diversity. Flora and fauna live here in a kind of symbiosis. The tourists who have been to Chruos Phaork in Takeo love to come back and those who have not undertaken the journey should do so. If you are in Takeo then you cannot afford to miss the Chruos Phaork.

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