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Bokor Mountain Lodge

There are some reasonable options to get your head on a bed in Takeo, although the proximity of Phnom Penh means that few travellers actually spend a night here. Backpacker options could also be found at the empty Phsar Nat (also overlooking).

Mittapheap Hotel

This hotel might be an option for those who have a particular attraction to Cambodian Independence Monuments, as this one overlooks Takeo’s. There is good cheap food nearby, a fortune. Don’t be put of by the old house at the front, s the owners have added a new wing in a leafy green garden at the back, with the smartest air-con rooms in town. Prices range from $5-10. For reservation Tel: 032 931 205

Angkor Borei Guesthouse

That’s a friendly family-run place, which has a bewildering array of rooms available and all at the same price. Some of them are bigger, some are smaller, some have TV and air-con, some don’t, but in the interest of equality everyone pays the same. Have a look before, than choose. For reservation: Tel: 032 931 340

Boeung Takeo Guesthouse

This is likely the best place in town, overlooking the lake. All rooms are essentially the same (bath, fan, TV), but for $10 you can get an air-con breeze. Ask for a room with a view, as it won’t be more expensive. Prices from $5-10. For Reservation: Ttel: 032 931 306

Phnom Sonlong Guesthouse

This guesthouse is right next door to the Angkor Borei and offers more or less the same array and equipment as the Ankor Borei, but is a little less in the price. Some rooms have only one bed, check it out before. Some of the staffs speak good English. :For reservation tel: 032 931 404

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