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Eat & Drink

There is a typical market right one block into the town centre, which has the usual range of cheap food stalls with Cambodian, Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. You may also have cheap food on the riverfront during the evening when lots of small food stalls set up. The place is awesome at sunset overlooking the Mekong with the sunset right in front.

Red Sun Falling

This place has fine furnishings, good music and a small bookstore included. The menu unites a small selection of Asian food and some Western dishes, including excellent homemade brownies. It’s one of the most crowded places by night.

Mlop Duong Restaurant

Coming from Lao you might be starving for some new experience referring to the local Cambodian food. So this place comes as a garden restaurant and offers you Khmer specialities completing with a local live band. Do not wonder about the time between you order and the time you may go for the tasty food, the cook takes his time.

Heng Heng Hotel & Restaurant

This place has some very good food and some Western dishes, with an English menu to boot. Some staff speaks English and it is directly situated on the riverfront.

Apsara Guesthouse & Restaurant

The food is okay and they can make a few Western dishes as well. The manager speaks English.

Golden Star Restaurant

It’s a simple place with big ambition. It features decent Khmer food and beer girls, with a small late-night dance venue thrown in as well.

Mekong Restaurant

This is quite a reliable little place offering an English menu with a fair range of local dishes, as well as some interpretations of “barang” favourites such as “thom long jean”(French fries). Simple Khmer fare located just in front of the 30 December Hotel.

30 December Guesthouse & Restaurant

They have an English menu and simple, cheap dishes.

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