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Phnom Sar Sear Resort

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Phnom Sar Sear Resort How to go: Location: Description: Is the natural and cultural resort locating at the Southeast in 14-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Kam Pot. When the King, Sa Kor Reach and his troop arrive at the seaside area, he gets off the horseback and move furtively along the mountain side (at that time the mountain was an island) for fleeing. So that, We call the mountain “Sar Sear” means “move furtively”. Phnom Sar Sear consists of three-small mountains having approximate 1.5-square kilometer landarea.

The mountain with approximate 40-meter height. Tourists can enjoy themselves in the mountain caves such as the cave of Phnom Ach Pro Chiev and especially the cave of Phnom Dam Rey Sar where we found a great architecture of Viel Sre 100 inside. On the mountaintop of Sar Sear there is an artistic and color full Stupa built in 1964 by the princess, Rasmey Sou Phoan. The Stupa is the worshipping place where we believe in the three sacred objects of Buddhist and the cremated ash of Buddhist also kept. From the mountain foot to the top, there are meandering stairs, pagodas with monks, and many cottages for nuns and laymen. Phnom Sar Sear has beautiful natural scenery for all seasons. On the mountaintop, we can view the scene of rice fields, forest, local villages, island, vast sea etc. The mountain is also the worshipping place for people who go there for praying and wishing for happiness and other fortunes in Buddhism.

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