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In Sihanoukville, there are few market which you can shop. In the center of town there is one Cambodian main market (Phsar Leu Khmer: ផ្សាលើ – Upper Market) is the biggest market in town. This is a newly constructed, dimly lit, roofed expanse of booths and stalls offering wide selection of fresh meat and vegetables to clothing, auto parts, jewelry).

ATM machines can be found throughout the city. Downtown, there are ATMs from ANZ Bank, Canadia Bank, and Acleda Bank. There are also ATMs around the “Golden Lions”

Sihanoukville  does not offer shopping souvenir like in hnom Penh and Siem Reap. Although tourism is growing, don’t expect large scale tourist markets. As at November 2008, there is still no tailor. Several clothing and souvenir shops are opening downtown and around the Victory Hill and Ocheteaul area as well.

Beside the main market, there are several convenience stores (small supermarkets), a few souvenir shops, clothing and swim wear shops, a couple of book stores, silver and fine jewelry are now scattered across the town, offering a good selections of all of the usual traveller’s needs.  And now there are even a few cool souvenirs to be had in Sihanoukville.

There are some good T-shirts available at bars and guesthouses and some cool clothing and accessories for sale at places like Boom Boom Room. Of particular interest, the very popular NGO-based Cambodian arts and crafts association, Rajana, has just opened its first outlet in Sihanoukville, located above the Starfish Caf.

Souvenirs, Crafts, Clothing, Jewelry…

  • Funky Sun Silver Silver jewelry boutique offering Khmer inspired original designs in silver and beads by Riikka. All hand made intricate wire and chainwork. All works made in Cambodia, either by local artisans or through Cambodia NGO projects. Next door to Beach Road Hotel on the road to Serendipity Beach.
    Tel: 017-763772
  • Khmer Artisans: The focus is on quality Cambodian silks, silk products and tailor-made clothing using fine silks and cotton. (Individual and bulk orders welcome.) Also offering a varied selection of Cambodian art and quality handicrafts including carvings, statues, silver jewelry, rattan bags and more. Ekareach Street downtown.
    Tel: 012-615111 (Khmer/English,) 012-945801 (French/English.)
  • M’lop Tapang Gift Shop Non-profit: NGO-based gift shop on the road to Serendipity Beach. Offering handmade products designed and made by young women “committed to learning skills to empower themselves.” Handicrafts, art, silk products and a new collection of products made from recycled drinking straws. On the road to Serendipity beach about 150m off the beach. fortnight
  • Rajana: The Sihanouk Ville outlet of the NGO-based Cambodian arts and crafts association, offering a good selection of Cambodian arts and crafts, jewelry, textiles, coffees, and spices. Located on Ekareach Street near the Golden Lions.
    Tel: 012-789350 –
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