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Rong Roeung Hotel

Fan rooms 200 baht (US$7), a/c rooms 300 baht (US$10). Western bath, sat. (Satellite) TV, clean; and the owner speaks English.

Sourkear Hotel
Fan US$ 5, a/c US$ 10. The rooms are very clean and have large and small beds as an additional Western bath.

No Name Hotel
The name was being changed when we stayed there-to what, they did not know. It’s a nice place. The manager speaks English and the staff is very friendly. Western bath, sat. TV, wrap-around terrace overlooking a small park. Fan room 20000 Reil(US$7), a/c room 25000 Reil (US$8,5).

Santapheap Hotel

The name means peaceful and that’s it. Located on the outskirts of town towards Battambang, the hotel is very clean with Western bath, single bed fan rooms for US $ 5, two beds for US $ 7 and a room with a/c and sat. TV goes for US$ 10.The owner speaks English.

Phnom Svay Hotel (and restaurant)
Nicely furnished clean rooms with a large bed, sat. TV and Western bath. Fan rooms are 200 baht (US$7), a/c rooms 300 baht (US$10). The restaurant is the place for Western food in Sisophan.

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