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Cambodia makes a 12% surge


PHNOM PENH, 14 July 2017: Cambodia’s tourist arrivals improved 12.5% during January to May this year, according to the Statistics and Tourist Information Department.

Released by the Ministry of Tourism, Wednesday, the latest data showed the country welcomed 2,284,630 international travellers compared to 2,030,762 during the same period last year.
Outbound trips by Cambodians reached 700,027 up 18.8% for the first five months of the year from 589,181 trips during the same period in 2016.


In May alone, the country recorded 368,809 inbound trips improving 15.0% from 320,601 during the same month last year.
China led the supply markets with 80,287 visits up 59.4% from 57,623 50,370 visits during the same month last year.
Other markets in the top five were: Vietnam (59,885; -21.8%); Laos (41,932; +101.6%); Thailand (24,157; -12.0%); and South Korea (20,119; +14.9%).

The data showed 58.9% (217,354) of all international visitors arrived by airlines. Siem Reap Airport received the major market share, 30.0% (110,706), while Phnom Penh Airport secured a market share of 28.2% (104,084) and Sihanoukville Airport just 0.7% (2,564).

Overland travel accounted for 39.7% (146,416) through checkpoints with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, while sea travel was a small 1.4% (5,039).

Tourist Statistic
Tourist Statistic

In addition, the data showed tourist arrivals to Phnom Penh and other destinations accounted for 50.6% (221,798 visits), while Siem Reap province, home of Angkor Wat, enjoyed a market share of 33.5% (147,011 visits). Coastal areas had a market share of 14.5% with 63,763 visits, while ecotourism areas accounted for just 1.4% (5,945 visits).
By region, Asia Pacific accounted for an 80.9% market share and posted an increase of 14.9%, or 298,329 visits from 259,702.

The Middle East recorded an increase of 61.5% with 1,376 visits followed by Africa (+19.3%; 916), Europe (+17.9%; 43,094), Americas (+10.4%; 25,094) and the Oceania (+4.8%; 9,297).
Outbound trips by Cambodians in May this year reached 154,811 up 21.6% from 127,260 during the same month last year.

Cambodia’s Tourism Minister Thong Khon projects that the country will receive 1 million Chinese tourists by the end of this year.

“Chinese tourists are the biggest spenders and wanted by many countries across the world.”
Ministry of Tourism has introduced the so-called Chinese Ready, White Book in order to attract 2 million Chinese visitors to Cambodia a year by 2020.

Last year, the country welcomed 830,003 Chinese tourists up 19.5% from 694,712 visits in 2015.

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