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US citizens on MS Westerdam say humanity transcends politics and fears of coronavirus, applaud Cambodia

An American citizen, James Cleveland and his wife who have spent a month as passengers onboard MS Westerdam cruise vessel said they were very delighted to return home, thanks to Cambodia.

Mr Cleveland, along with dozens of passengers visited O’Chheuteal beach in Sihanouk province on Friday morning before leaving to the United States.

Westerndam, Cambodia

“Cambodia is a wonderful country and I promise to visit in future. I am very appreciative to the Royal Government and Cambodian people,” he said.

“I am wonderfully surprised that Cambodian Prime Minister [Hun Sen] came down to welcome us,” Mr Cleveland added. “He [Hun Sen] is very good and excellenct.”

He said during the two weeks on the cruise ship, he and other passengers yearned to go back home but the ship just could not find the port to dock.

“We have been on the ship for 14 days without going to port. The other passengers wanted to go home and we too wanted to return home,” he said.

“I will come to Cambodia and I am very pleased with Cambodian people, the way they reacted to tourists,” Mr. Cleveland said.

Lieutenant Colonel Por Bunnara, provincial tourist police’s bureau chief said that all tourists who have visited the Kingdom, especially the coastal areas are well protected.

“It is not just tourists of this cruise ship that we have to protect but we do for all tourists,” Mr. Bunnara said. Police officers were on standby along the beach and are rotating every 8 hours.


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