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Cambodian Craft Cooperation

Cambodian Crat Cooperation – Small business for development. Weaving and wearing silk continues to be an expression of Cambodia’s deeply-rooted cultural and social traditions, with specific patterns worn on special occasions. Takeo Province is known for its skillful silk weavers, primarily women. However, their lack of awareness of their products’ value and knowledge of and access to national and international markets has left them with only a fraction of the profit generated. The Cambodian Craft Cooperation was set up in 1997 to address this issue.

What we do

With the help of the International Trade Center (ITC) of the United Nations in Geneva and the Handwerkskammer Koblenz (Chamber of Skilled Crafts of Koblenz, Germany) we provide support to small and family-run craft enterprises to improve their capacity in technical aspects and operations.


Working with a number of international partners since 2003 in a number of silk weaving villages, we address the weavers’ needs and constraints on supply, production and sales. We do this through community building and enabling the weavers to deliver high quality products that meet market requirements.

In cooperation with our international partners, we have carried out activities such as marketing support, workshops on micro-enterprises and craft design, training on technology and management, and participation in trade fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad. We have also supported the establishment of 12 multifunctional craft centers in different provinces including silk weaving in Takeo and silversmithing in Kampong Luong.

What you can experiene

Check out the products we sell on behalf of our members at our shop located at the Cambodian Craft Cooperation head office in Phnom Penh near Wat Phnom.

Cambodian silk reflects a variety of traditional styles with special patterns and colors for ceremonies, festivals, and daily life. We have a number of unique and beautiful silk products for purchase, including Houl, made by the intricate ikat method where the pattern is plotted and dyed into the thread before weaving.

Check out our range of products including: Ikat silk products and contemporary new designs of silk scarves developed in close cooperation between our weavers and international designers home d├ęcor items silver ornaments ceramics baskets and wickerwork products.

We also operate an online sales site on our website ( for larger orders or wholesale, for our international customers.

Contact us
Telephone: (011) 984 879
Email: [email protected]

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