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Cambodian Living Arts

Arn Chorn-Pond, founder of Cambodian Living Arts, is a Cambodian-American refugee and was featured in the

Cambodia Living Art

Emmy-nominated documentary, The Flute Player. He is an internationally recognized human rights leader, speaker, and trainer. A former Director of Youth Programs for the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association in Lowell, Massachussets, Arn served as a special advisor on Cambodian affairs for Clear Path International in early 2001. Arn currently resides in Cambodia, where he continues to be chief advocate of Cambodian Living Arts supporting elder Cambodian musicians and artists to pass on their invaluable practices to the younger generation.


The mission of Cambodian Living Arts is to facilitate the transformation of Cambodia through the arts.

We collaborate to create an environment where Cambodian arts empower and transform individuals and communities.

We do this by building the capacity of artists and the arts community, by promoting awareness of the arts, and by advocating for the arts with cultural policymakers and major institutions.

In doing so, we aim to create value and understanding of what it means to be Cambodian and to create a sense of unity and shared culture. We believe that through creativity we can each expand our potential as human beings.


By 2020, we envision a vibrant and dynamic cultural sector throughout Cambodia, with the arts as the country’s national and international signature. Cambodian Living Arts will be a catalyst for this development. The successful transformation of Cambodia’s cultural identity will be a model for other societies.

Click here to see the art performances of Cambodia Living Arts.

128G9, Sothearos Street
Tonle Bassac, Chamkar Morn
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Cell: 012-959-005, Tel: 023-986-032
[email protected]

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