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Cooking Classes

Understand Khmer Food

People always look at the street food and judging Cambodian cuisine is nothing to learn about.  it is completely untrue.  The real, traditional Khmer cuisine has a long history ago. In few decades, the cuisine of Cambodia has been influenced by nearby many countries as well as by the French, Chinese. But go back 1,000 years when the Khmer Empire ruled over most of Southeast Asia. Hence, many of the Thai and other regional dishes were itself influenced by Khmer cuisine.

To fully understand and appreciate Khmer cuisine, it’s important to become familiar with the various raw ingredients in their natural state, and to study and to practice traditional Khmer methods of food preparation.

In recent years, the number of new cooking classes have sprung up in Cambodia and expect more to open their doors for visitor. Join a cooking class to learn how to prepare traditional, authentic and delicious Khmer dishes and to learn more about the ingredients from local experts be guided around the local market, see the action and learn about the produce.

Cooking Class in Phnom Penh

Cambodia Cooking Classe

Cambodia ooking Class in Phnom Penh
Undoubtedly, the most popular class in Phnom Penh: market tour by tuktuk, hands-on action in this cooking school and traditional methods of food preparation, particularly the use of mortar and pestle to pound and grind herbs and spices to enhance their flavours and nutrition. You’ll make everything from scratch with the freshest ingredients.
Cost: flat rate of $20 for a full day and $12.50 for a half-day

Cambodia Uncovered

A more upscale cookery class in Phnom Penh, limited to a maximum of four participants. For those that are really keen on learning Khmer cooking, two or three day courses can be organised which would include teaching about the different types of rice that can be purchased and cooked.

Cambodia Uncovered is not only about cooking classes, they specialise in individual tailor made tours in and around Phnom Penh. Not cheap though.

Cost: 1 person: $60, 2 persons: $40 pp, 3 persons: $35 pp, 4 persons: $30 pp.

Cooking Class in Siem Reap

Le Tigre de Papier

The most popular cooking class in Siem Reap. Runs three different sessions of Beginner Khmer Cooking course each day. You can pick your favourite dishes (1 starter, 1 main dish, 1 dessert) from the menu. The class includes a 1 hour market tour and two hours preparation and eating your creations.

Khmer Food Lovers

Organized by the Paul Dubrule School, which provides hospitality training to underprivileged Cambodians. The cooking classes for foreigners can be done with or without a guided trip to the market. At the school you will be shown how to prepare these delicious dishes. The School is vegetarian and vegan-friendly and runs in the morning only.

The River Garden

They call it the Cooks ‘n Tuk Tuks Tour, which basically means you are going to the market by tuktuk, which most cookery classes offer. The tour of the local market includes an introduction to local culinary culture, foods and ingredients, and cooking equipment, followed by a cooking class at the restaurant. This cooking class runs daily but in the morning only.

The Peace Cafe

Centrally located in the Wat Bo area, this vegetarian restaurant holds regularly scheduled veggie cooking classes. The class runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday only and is a quite condensed class, commencing at 11am and finishing two hours later. Yet, they offer four dishes (Fresh Spring Rolls, Papaya Salad, Amok, Black Rice with Mango), so it’s probably not all from scratch.

Beyond Unique Escapes

This one is different from most other cooking courses. Instead of going to the market, this course commences with a visit to a local family. Along the way you will learn about the herbs and vegetables grown at most Khmer households and used in daily cooking. The visit is an opportunity to learn about food preparation in a Khmer home. Your guide will also let you know about food customs, superstitions and beliefs. Afterwards, you’ll return to the pavillion to start cooking yourself. This class runs in the afternoon only. Cost: $22

Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor

The most expensive and upscale cooking class in Cambodia. It is more of a demonstration class, then hands-on cooking. You have exactly one hour to prepare no less than six dishes. You can imagine this is more like putting together the ingredients than real cooking by yourself.

Cost: $75

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