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Helicopters Cambodia

Who we are

Helicopters Cambodia is Cambodia’s premier helicopter service. The company was the first commercial helicopter service to operate in the country, commencing operations in 1998. Since that time, the company has gained unique operating expertise in all the nation’s provinces.

Helicopters Cambodia
Helicopters Cambodia

The services provided range far beyond our scenic flights over Angkor Wat – Helicopter Cambodia routinely supports mining exploration operations, magnetic surveys, forestry and concession monitoring, long line lifting and has the capability through our Parent Company Helicopters (NZ) ltd to provide Helicopter support services to the off-shore/on-shore oil and gas exploration program.

In addition, their highly trained New Zealand pilots have provided specialist aerial photographic and cinematography platforms, shuttled business executives from the capital to outfield locations and flown eco-flights over the wildness areas. No other company in the Kingdom has such depth of expertise and time-served knowledge of the country’s diverse locations and conditions.

Besides the outfield services, Helicopter Cambodia provides a diverse range of aircraft handling and aviation services, flight and project pre-planning for visiting corporate aircraft. The Helicopters (NZ) ltd group has built an extensive depth of experience and respect within the International aviation industry though its daily operations since 1955. The Group with this outstanding international reputation for efficiency and safety, continues to grow

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