O’Russey Kandal Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Russey Kandal EcoTourism
Overview O'Russey Kandal CBET Site was established in 2007 under support from an Environmental NGO called Mlup Baitong. The community consist of only one village with 446 families. The CBET development was introduced to support people in the community to have possibilities to effectively protect and manage their natural resources while improving their livelihood in an equitable and sustainable manner.Location O'Reussey Kandal is located in Stung Treng Province, situated approximately 28k...

Preah Rumkel Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Preah Rumkel Ecotourism
Overview Preah Rumkel CBET site was established in 2007 under support from an environmental NGO called Mlup Baitong. Preah Rumkel, a small village alongside the Mekong River, has quiet, beautiful places for watching Irrawaddy dolphins. It is on the way to the great Mekong Falls which leave a big impression on every visitor. Preah Rumkel is located in a wetland area and has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife and bird watching. In addition to that, visitors can try the famous sticky rice wine wh...

Chambok Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Chambok Ecotourism
Overview Situated next to Kirirom National Park, Chambok has a lot of attractions and activities to offer to both local and international tourists who are strongly interested in nature. It is well known for its three streams, including the biggest with over 40 meters of beautiful waterfall. Tourists can take guided tours to one of those streams and enjoy the views while hiking through the forest. The English speaking guides will tell a lot about both animals living in the forests and plants gro...

Chi Phat Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Chi Pat Ecotourism
Overview Chi Phat is mainland South East Asia's largest remaining tract of rainforest situated directly in the heart of the Cardamom Mountains. With mountains, mangroves and low land swamps on the one hand and many cultural artifacts such as burial jars and wooden coffins on the other hand, Chi Phat and its surrounding area has a variety of attractions to offer both to local and international tourists. Tourists can take a walk through the forest trails and meet warm and friendly village people....

Prek Thnout Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Prek Thnout Ecotourism
Overview Prek Thnout CBET Site was established in 2007 under support from an environmental NGO called Save Cambodia's Wildlife. Located in the mountains of Bokor National Park, Prek Thnout offers a great scenery to its visitors. Tourists can follow the boardwalk of the mangrove forests to one of the waterfalls or do a guided walk to learn about the environment, traditional ceremonies and food cooked by local people. Fireflies often appear during the night which makes the atmosphere even more sp...

Koh Pdao Community Development Trip

Koh Pdao Community Development Trip
Overview Koh Pdao is well known for its still existing fresh water dolphins living in the Mekong River. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Mekong River scenery while watching Irrawaddy dolphins swimming next to their boat. In the evenings beautiful sunsets will turn the river into a golden banner. On top of that visitors can help communities through participating in community activities such as digging fish and frog ponds, building chicken and duck pens, farming, etc. Location ...

Osvay Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Osvay Ecotourism Site
Overview O'svay CBET site was established in 2007 under the support from CEPA (Culture and Environment Preservation Association). Osvay can be characterized by its rich biodiversity starting from mangrove forests, Mekong Islands and river beaches to a variety of different bird species such as the Black Cormorant. Tourists can enjoy hiking through the forests and meeting friendly, local people. Location Osvay is located in Stung Treng Province. Stung Treng Town can be reached by bus, mini...

Yeak Laom Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Yeak Laom Lake
Overview Yeak Laom site was established in 1998 and is now managed by the local communities themselves. Yeak Laom is a deep and clear water containing volcanic lake surrounded by jungle. It does not only offer very attractive trekking tours around the lake but also gives tourists the chance to go swimming in the hundreds of years old lake what is very refreshing, especially on hot days. In addition to that visitors can meet indigenous people and learn about their culture, above all about their ...

Virachey National Park Community-Based Ecotourism Initiative

Virachey National Park
Overview Virachey National Park was established in 2004 by MoE (Ministry of Environment). With its 3.325 square kilometers, Virachey National Park is the largest National Park among seven other National Parks in Cambodia. It offers an incredible insight into the variety of both Cambodia's still existing wilderness and wildlife. Visitors can go on multiday guided trekking trips through the Park including outdoor camping at night. Location Virachey National Park is located within Rattanak ...

Ang Trapeang Thmor Community-Based Ecotourism Site

Overview Ang Trapeang Thmor is a unique wetland ecosystem giving home to over 200 bird species including the endangered Sarus Crane. The population of the Sarus Crane species in this area rose constantly within the last years to a number of more than 300 birds today. 18 of the existing species in Ang Trapeang Thmor are being classified as globally or near globally threatened. The project in Ang Trapeang Thmor tries to help preventing the birds from disappearing. Birds can be watched throughout ...