Mondulkiri Minority & Hilland

- Mondulkiri is located 370km at north east of Cambodia and  Traveling to Mondulkiri is easy now, since the road has been in a good condition and it will take about 7-8 hours drive for nearly whole day. Mondulkiri is still least-populated province where you can experience unique rolling hills, beautiful country views, wild natural landscapes, jungles, multiple of waterfalls and a unique indigenous culture and people. Sen Monorom - Mondulkiri’s provincial capital, at an altitude of about ...

Cambodian Craft Cooperation

Cambodian Crat Cooperation - Small business for development. Weaving and wearing silk continues to be an expression of Cambodia's deeply-rooted cultural and social traditions, with specific patterns worn on special occasions. Takeo Province is known for its skillful silk weavers, primarily women. However, their lack of awareness of their products' value and knowledge of and access to national and international markets has left them with only a fraction of the profit generated. The Cambodian Craf...


100 Column Pagoda, Kratie Attractions
[[Angkor Archaeological Park]] – a place to explore hundred of ancients temple date back to Angkor civilization [[Phnom Penh City]] – the capital of Cambodia with a charming colonial French building and modern city: skycraper, apartment, business center and more. [[SihanoukVille Beach Relax]] – The spectacular relaxing destination to the spectacular beaches and islands of Cambodia [[Rattanakiri Eco-Tourism]] – is the place to go for trekking, eco-travel and natural beauty and greatest...