In Kampong ChhnangThere are two markets, where you can pop by for shopping, the Phsar Leu in the centre of the town and the Phsar Chhnang, which is a little bit further Northeast from the centre. Both of them are very busy areas with local shops dealing the local daily comsumer products, like fish, fruits, vegetables, meats and packed products. All food and drink shops are surrounding the market.


There are many small hotels and guesthouses in towns where tourists can reach it easily. Sokha Guesthouse: (tel: 026/988632) This guesthouse is quite a charming place in a small, green street. The rooms are mostly equipped with fans or air-con and a western bath at around US$ 8-10. Guest have to order their breakfast or dinner in advance, but this'll soon change. Rathisen: (tel: 026/988622) This place is located next to the river. It's one of the only hotels in town with basic equipment ...

Kampong Chhnang

Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia
Overview [[Kampong Chhnang]] (Khmer: ខេត្តកំពង់ឆ្នាំង - Khet Kampong Chhang) is located at the heart of Cambodia. Its bordering Kampong Thom to the North, Kampong Cham to the East, Kampong Speu to the South and Pursat to the West. This province is not only at the fertile and almost ever-wet heart of Cambodia, but also just a 91km ride from Phnom Penh, so it’s a quick jaunt up. Its capital is Kampong Chhnang town. Kampong Chhnang is one of the nine provinces that is part of the Tonle Sap Bios...