Kep Beach

Kep Beach, Kep
A single, kilometer long crescent of sand near the tip of the Kep peninsula. Dining platforms and seafood vendors line the road behind the beach. Busy on weekends but often deserted during the week. The road through Kep traces the coastline to the beach and then circles back on itself. Cars and vans must pay admission to drive the loop (2500R - 5000R). Motorcycles and pedestrians are free. Be aware that the loop is an one-way street and the police do occasionally enforce the law, levy fines ...

Phnom Sar Sear Resort

Sihanouk Ville Attractions
- Phnom Sar Sear Resort How to go: Location: Description: Is the natural and cultural resort locating at the Southeast in 14-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Kam Pot. When the King, Sa Kor Reach and his troop arrive at the seaside area, he gets off the horseback and move furtively along the mountain side (at that time the mountain was an island) for fleeing. So that, We call the mountain “Sar Sear” means “move furtively”. Phnom Sar Sear consists of three-small mountains having...


The [[Kep]] Peninsula enters southwest to the Kep Bay in a triangle. A tiny archipelago of 13 islands (Koh) and islets are located at the east side of the peninsula: Koh Tonsay (កោះទន្សាយ, 'Rabbit Island') Koh Kok. Koh Matay. Koh Svay (កោះស្វាយ, 'Mango Island') Koh Kbal (កោះក្បាល, 'Head Island') Koh Hal Trey.(កោះហាលត្រី) Koh Svay Prey (កោះស្វាយព្រៃ) Koh Sarang(កោះសារ៉ាង) Koh Pou (កោះពោធិ, 'Enlightening Island') Koh Makprang. (កោះម៉ាកប្រាង) Koh Angrong (កោះអ...