Kep, Cambodia
[[Kep]] City is a municipality in Cambodia with the status of a province. [[Kep]] is just a few kilometres from the border with Vietnam located and used to be Cambodia's most popular beach town but has fallen on hard times in recent years (especially due to the Khmer Rouge). Many of Kep's, mostly French villas are abandoned, but some of the town's former splendour is still apparent. The see is lined with huge sidewalks and some large statues that now seem largely out of place. The king built a p...


Southern Part is a region of Cambodia and includes the provinces of [[Sihanoukville]], [[Kampot]], [[Kep]], [[Koh Kong]]. This region includes a wealth of Cambodia island, natural beach with white sand beach Explore [[Sihanoukville]] – The spectacular relaxing destination to the spectacular beaches and islands of Cambodia [[Kampot]] - The  Corridor's emerald-green for natural adventure in Cambodia [[Kep]] - The hidden colonial and island relaxation. [[Koh Kong]] - a great na...