Plantation of Pinetree

Plantation Pine Trees, Mondulkiri Attractions
- On the highlands in Sen Monorom district, about 6 kilometers from the provincial town, is a large pine tree plantation where hundreds of towering pine tree, planted before 1970, are growing in rows. Fallen needles from the trees turn the ground into a golden carpet. The needles are so numerous that visitors can lie on the ground without disturbing them. Pine trees are believed to have been planted before then Prince Norodom Sihanouk founded his Sangkum Reastr Niyum regime, at which...

Phnom Nam Lear Sanctuary

Phnom Nam Lear Sanctuary, Mondulkiri Attractions
- Phnom Nam Lear Sanctury is 80 km (4h) From Provincial Town. Description: Natures & Wildlife Preserves Location: Pichinda District Border of Daklak Provinece (Vient Nam) Phnom Nam Lear Sanctuary, Mondulkiri is known for the beautiful scenic beauty and idyllic surroundings. The sanctuary is one of the main wild life reserves in the province. The idyllic environment and the wide variety of flora and fauna make Phnom Nam Lear Sanctuary, Mondulkiri very popular to both local people and...

Phnom Kraol Cultural Resort

Phnom Kraol Cultural Resort, Mondulkiri Attractions
- The [[Phnom Kraol Cultural Resort]] is located in Orayes Village, Srè Sangkom Commune, Koh Nhèk District; 3 km away from the town of Koh Nhèk District or 111 km from the provincial town. It can be accessed by the red pebble path. There are more than 135 families living in the Phnom Kraol area of 68 ha, whose main occupations are farming. This resort is managed by the Inter-commune Commission for Managing the Phnom Kraol Cultural Resort. The Kraol Mount covered by forest provides plenty...

Pahlung Village

Pahlung Village, Mondulkiri Attractions
- Pahlung Village It's possible to go on an elephant trek at this small village. It's a good idea to come out here the day before (possibly on your way to Bousra Waterfall) to organize it so they have the animal ready to go the next morning, instead of out working in the jungle. You can take a half- or full day trip in the surrounding area. It?s good to wear long pants and bring some mosquito repellent, drinking water and food. To get there, just head north from Sen Monorom. When you ge...

O Taing Laing Waterfall

O Taing Laing Waterfall, Mondulkiri Attractions
- [[O Taing Laing Waterfall], Mondulkiri is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. The waterfall is located near the main town center and is easily accessible from different parts of the province. The scenic beauty of the Taing Laing Waterfall, Mondulkiri makes it one of the popular tourist attractions in Mondulkiri. The Taing Laing Waterfall in Mondulkiri is located around 60 kms from the town center of Senmonorom. It is surrounded in the midst of a beautiful fore...