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Kampot is located in the Southwest of the country, 80 kilometres coastal strip with the Gulf of Thailand. The main attraction of this province is base of the abundant Elephant Mountains and the famous Bokor Hill Station, Kep Beach, Rabbit Island, Bokor Hill Station, and countryside tours are perhaps the most popular day tours out of Kampot with tour operators offering very competitively priced tours. The colonial and quietness town compared to Sihanouk Ville and Koh Kong province.

Climatically, Kampot is generally at its hottest in April and at its coolest in December and January. The highest overall rainfall months are September and October however heavy rainfall can occur throughout the rainy season months.

Attraction in Kampot

Bokor Mountain

Bokor National Park, about 1-2 hours out of Kampot 1,080 meters high and The road up the mountain is now paved and provides easy access. Today is being developed by a US$1bn casino development – the Thansur Bokor Highland Resort with the result that the eerie charm of the abandoned French hill station – that included a shell of a church and the isolated upland nature reserve – is rapidly disappearing. The cooler climate and sublime views from the mountain remain and may provide some reason for a visit.

The 15-minute drive from the hill station to the crystal clear waters of the popular Popokvil (‘Swirling Clouds’) Waterfall, which only flows in the wet season, may still provide some sanctuary for humans and animals wanting to get away from bulldozers. Tours still run up the mountain and cost approximately US$10. Except for the Bokor Palace Hotel and old casino, the old French buildings are occupied by the families of construction workers. The excursion can still be worthwhile provided as it is viewed as an insight into seeing Cambodia’s Great Leap Forward rather than as an atmospheric expedition into a remote and haunting environment.

Pepper Farms

Pepper Farms, (North of the Kep hills and NH33), [5]. Enquire in town about how to see pepper being grown and processed. For a guided tour visit The Vine Retreat in Chamcar Bei village. Also Sothy’s Pepper Farm [6] offers free guided tours in several languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Khmer). Most tour operators in Kampot offer visits to pepper farms. Buy Original Kampot Pepper in the farms. The pepper sold in the local markets is Vietnamese or from other regions where chemical products are used.  edit ( see the Buy section below for more detailed information about Kampot Pepper)

Teuk Chhu Resort

Teuk Chhu is 8 kilometers north of Kampot provincial town located in Snomprampi village, Makprang commune, Kampot district. Its main attraction is a stream that flows from Phnom Damrei via Phnom Kamchay. This resort is famous among the local people and foreigner, on the weekend is very crowded. People in the nearby regions enjoy spending their weekends here. Resort is set on the Prek Chha River.

People always drive for cool, clear water that flows over large rocks from the mountain year round. This is a good place for swimming or bathing. Beside, playing with water, There are many kinds of delicious fruit available such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan, mak prang, pineapple, grape fruit, custard apple and coconut. Not far from Teuk Chhu is a zoo and plantation organized by His Excellency Nhim Vanda. The zoo raises animals.

Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island is 20-40 minutes south of Kep by local boat, a small tropical island. The island is blessedly undeveloped and lacks most services includes few bungalows and a couple of beach restaurants. Secluded white sand beaches dot the edges of the island, backed by a hilly coconut palm stretch. Most services are near the west side beach. The surrounding waters are relatively clear and warm, offering some snorkeling opportunities around the rocks. Coral is scarce but colorful fish abound.

You can spend day trip in the island – go in the morning, rest on the beach and return to Kep in the afternoon. Rooms/bungalows on the island run $10 or less. Arrange a boat trip to the island through your guesthouse in Kampot or Kep or just go to the Koh Tunsay Boat Dock in Kep town next to the Long Villa Restaurant. Boats are almost always available. A round-trip trip to the island and back runs $20 for the whole boat, so bring some friends to split the cost. The round-trip price is the same whether you stay a few hours or a few days. Tour operators and guesthouses in Kep offer day packages starting at about $7/person.

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