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Sihanoukville Beach Relax

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Sihanouk Ville is about 230 km southwest of Phnom Penh and today it has become one of the world’s famous prestin beach. On weekends and public holidays, the beaches are crowded with local Khmers, tourists and expatriates. Being a coastal town, there are many restaurants serving fresh local seafood specialties as well as international cuisine. Crabs, prawns, lobsters, mantis shrimp, live fish, scallops and exotic shellfish abound _ the range of delicacies seems endless. It is Cambodia’s only maritime port. Its chief attraction are the four beaches that ring the headland. None of them rival Thailand’s finest, but during weekdays you quite often have the beach to yourself.

It isn’t the world’s most sophisticated resort, but if you feel the need to escape the searing heat of Cambodia’s dry season, this make a pleasant retreat at the same. It is popular during festivals and remains dry and hot from December to July. Sihanouk Ville is not a small place, so the best way to get around is to hail a moto-driver or hire a motorbike. Sihanouk Ville is east of Victory Beach, the main backpackers’ beach, and closer to the mid-range Ochheuteal Beach and popular Sokha Beach . West of town is tiny Koh Pos Beach and the larger Independence Beach, which is home to the decaying and empty Independence Hotel.

Attraction in Sihanouk Ville

Ou Chheu Teal Beach

Ou Chheu Teal Beach is located at Sangkat No 3, Sihanouk Ville. The beach has the most beautiful characteristics-large beautiful sand beach, shallow water and quiet sea. We found the beach has specific either geographical aspect or the arrangement. Most of tourists who visit here are foreign tourists. They usually stay at Crystal Hotel and Seaside Hotel.

Sokha Beach

Has long length, deep water and crowded by local visitors. The beach has varied food for sale and tent accommodations are available for visitors.

Prampi Choan Beach

Has short length, marrow space and big wave. Most of tourists who visit here are local tourists. The beach is averagely crowded ranking after Sokha beach.

Deum Chrey Beach Or Muk Sala Krong Beach

There are few tourists swimming at the Beach because the Beach has a big restaurant, which can pollute the swimming spot. However, most tourists like visiting here after swimming because the beach has beautiful park and statues for tourists to take pictures.

Koh Poos Resort

Is the quiet island having white sand and locating at one – Kilometer distance from the beach. This island has not many tourists because the island has not been developed yet. Most tourists, who visit the island, usually as group, need to bring along their food.

Phnom Leu Resort

Is the natural and cultural resort consisting of mountain and a pagoda built on the mountaintop, and has been called on by the local during the festival days; at the mountaintop, tourists can view the beautiful scenery, especially the beauty the beauty of Sihanouk Ville beach.


Locates at Khan Prey Nup in seven-Kilometer distance from the Sihanouk Ville Town, then turning left more nine-Kilometers by a red soil road. The waterfall of Kbal Chhay has many sources from the mountain rank at the seaside. The history of Kbal Chhay waterfall was found in 1960. Until 1963 Kbal Chhay arranged as the clean-water sources for providing to Sihanouk Ville, but the arrangement was failed became a hidden place for Khmer Rouge, In 1997, Kbal Chhay was changed to the developing zone. In 1998 Kbal Chhay was for bid by Kok An Company on constructing road and changing this site as tourist resort for local and international tourists. Nowadays, the Royal Government of Cambodia has changed this site as the clean-water sources for providing clean water to Sihanouk Ville.

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