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There are hotels and guesthouses you can accommodate. Many of guesthouses are scattered around town (especially near the market), the decent places are close to the riverside. For budget staying, only spend 5 USD you can get a fan room of a comfortable size with private bathroom (cold water) and TV.

  • Mekong Hotel. located at #56 Samdach Pann Rd., 042-941536. Rooms have fans, TV (with the best range of stations in town), and a private bathroom with hot water and optional air conditioning. you don’t need a reservation. Most rooms are doubles. $5-10 (fan room – air conditioning) and refurbished, air-conditioned room with a view of the Mekong is US$15. Work is conducted from 7:30am-about 5pm, so noise might be a problem if you plan on sleeping in.
  • Monorom VIP Hotel. Located at Mort Tunle Street 11th, Tel. 097 733 2526, This new hotel offers high quality, spotless clean, spacious and inviting rooms. The best rooms cost 25 US$ (double per night) and look almost like a little palace, with very beautiful Khmer style furniture (wood carving). The Monorom VIP Hotel is located directly at Mekong river, it’s the neighbour building of Mekong Hotel (on the right when you are looking at Mekong Hotel with Mekong river behind you). Monorom VIP Hotel has stunning views on the river, even better than the views of Mekong Hotel.
  • Mittapheap Hotel. Ph Kosmak Neary Roth (between the roundabout and the riverside). The outside of the hotel looks better than it is in the inside. Still it is one of the better options in town. The rooms are of a comfortable size and come with a fan, cold shower and TV and optional aircon and hot shower. $5-10 (fan room – air conditioning).
  • Leupviraksa Hotel. coming from the bridge over the Mekong, turn left at the roundabout from where it is about 150 m). The standard is almost identical to the Mittapheap Hotel. It is mainly the view from the upper floor rooms that is better. The drawback is its location a bit outside of the centre. The rooms are okay and come with a fan, cold shower and TV and optional aircon and hot shower. $5-10 (fan room – air conditioning).
  • Phnom Prosh Hotel , Ph Kosmak Neary Roth (at the roundabout). They have windowless fan rooms with cold shower and TV for 6$ and better aircon rooms (with windows) for 12$. Cleanliness could be better as well as the service from the staff. It might be a place to consider if the other options are full. – July 2011: There are cockroachs coming out of little holes in the walls in the rooms at night.
  • Monorom Hotel , the pink building just behind the Mekong hotel. The room rates are 5$ for a basic fan room with private bathroom and TV and 10$ for a aircon room or a luxury fan room. This place seems to be very popular but probably not for the quality of the rooms but rather the massage services provided. The staff hardly speaks any English. It might be a place to consider if the other options are full.
  • Kim Srun Guesthouse, PH Sihanouk (at the Riverside), 012-941507. The best of the guesthouses. Rooms come with fan, cold shower and TV. While the windowless single rooms (4$) are merely okay, the double rooms (5$) are much better value for money. Compared to other guesthouses the rooms are large (about the size you can expect in the hotels around) and there is a nice balcony with good views of the river.
  • Spean Thmey Guesthouse, PH Sihanouk (at the Riverside). The rooms are basic but okay. Price range is 3$-5$ depending on single, double and amenities.
    Serey Pheap Guesthouse, #110, Route #7, 012-864565. Very large and good quality rooms. A quiet, family-run establishment with staff that will bend over backwards to please you and your cohorts. $3-$4 (single-double, TV and air conditioning extra).
  • Rana Country Home Stay, Srey Siam village, ☎ 012-686240, [3]. Traditional Khmer house, home cooked meals with home grown food in a country setting. A couple of pleasant walks can be taken from there. The place is located 7km over the bridge in Kampong Cham, on the main highway to Kratie. Phone or email in advance due to a current occupancy of 5 people. $22/per person/perday. For full info and updates go to edit
  • Mariya Hotel and Restaurant, Riverside, 11th Village, ☎ 0426411144. A brand new hotel facing the Mekong with cozy rooms and a decent, if slightly pricey restaurant on the ground floor. Staff is friendly and willing to help with travel plans. Lobby has comfortable chairs, book exchange, and free wifi. $8-25. edit
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