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  • Local Market: As common in every province in Cambodia, only big city and provincial town has at least on big market. You may also find local markets in Kampong Speu, which are very busy areas with local shops dealing the local daily consumer products, like fish, fruits, vegetables, meats and packed products. All food and drink shops are surrounding the market. To take something special from this province along, buy a bottle of sugar palmĀ  and wine
  • Money changers are available throughout the city, particularly in and around the markets – look out for packets of money on display. They will give you a slightly better rate than the banks but you have to ask around for the best deal. Some of them do also change other currencies than dollars such as Thai baht and Vietnamese dong. Occasionally, other western currencies are changed as well but expect a poor rate. It is not possible to change Lao kip.
  • Internet cafes, there are a couple of internet cafes around town, especially in the center of town. between the market and the bridge over the Mekong. The going rate is 2,500 riel per hour.
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