Brown Lake Water City

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Traveling out from Phnom Penh along the Nation road No.6 for about 126 km, turn left and follow a trail for about 2.5km, there we will see a huge tourist resort at the right side, and it’s Ti Krong Teuk. Ti Krong Teuk located in Dong village, Balang sub-district, Baray district, Kampong Thom province. It’s a new built and the biggest resort in Kampong Thom, on an area of 110 hectares surrounded by compound wall. At the location of Ti Krong Teuk there is a lake called Boeng Samrith, and Ti Krong Teuk is built around this lake.

About Ti Krong Tuek – Water City at Kampong Thom Province
Started since 2006, though until now Ti Krong Teuk has not been inaugurated, but it has been opened to welcome local tourist during Chinese new year with more than 20,000 people visited. And in April 2011 during the the Khmer new year days, again Ti Krong Teuk was open. The owner of this resort is Khmer who has been living in the US for 30 years, and he invested around 6 millions USD to build this resort.

The decorations and preparation of Ti Krong Teuk resort are 90% man-made. Since this area was completely the rice field, without any special landmark. The remarkable construction of the resort are those model building of Angkor Wat temple, Preah Vihear tempel, and National Museum of Cambodia. Beside these, there are artificial hills, waterfall, fountain, floating houses, relaxing huts, cafe hall, reading hall, swimming poll, artificial riverside with white sand. The garden is spread with green grass field, beautiful colorful flowers, big shadow trees, included palm tree. All the buildings in Ti Krong Teuk resort are under Khmer architecture style.

A beautiful tropical green grass garden at Ti Krong Teuk resort, Kampong Thom province

The resort owner said that, Ti Krong Teuk Resort is focus mainly on water, as its name mean Water City. Thus the original lake Boeng Samrith has been enlarged to be a big river, located at the middle of the resort. Visitors can swim or roaring boats and playing various games along this river. The ideal creation of Ti Krong Teuk is that, the visitors who visits other tourist sites in Kampong Thom such as Sambo Prey Kuk temple or Phnom Santuk, they can also visit Ti Krong Teuk on their way back in the afternoon. Because other tourist sites has no water, then Ti Krong Teuk can be the place to refresh visitors’ feeling after their full day traveling.

For those who would like to stay few days with Ti Krong Teuk, there are rooms and separate houses for families with kitchen and spare spaces for party celebrating. The room price is ranking from USD15 – USD40 per night. And the separate house is cost USD100 per night. There are also vegetables garden planted, if the visitors like to have those vegetables for cooking, they can pay to have it with reasonable price. Fishing is another option for visitors, they can get those fish for food, but must pay as well.

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