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Most restaurant and dinning place in Kampong Thom is located in the town. and  you can have a look at small night market stalls just in front of the market. By far the best khmer restaurant in Kompong Thom is located behind the Arunras Hotel on the corner of the market.

Food is excellent and this place is regularly visited by locals however there is no English language menu and the staff only speak Khmer. A number of large establishments on the road to Phnom Penh (marked by the ostentatious architecture) are frequented by upper-class Khmer but do good Khmer food.

  • Aruneas Guesthouse & Restaurant:  The most popular restaurant in town with clean table, nice food and crowded, located beneath Arunras Guesthouse. They serve good Western, Chinese and Khmer food at cheap prices are popular. An English menu and staff that can speak the language are other nice features.
  • Neak Meas Hotel & Restaurant: This restaurant serve good Chinese and Khmer food in the morning and throughout the day until the nightclub kicks in around 8:30pm.
  • The American Restaurant: located at Por Chea Tepatey Road (on the side street down from the Arun Ras Hotel; across from the Department of Agriculture), 092 579 410. Serves handmade ice cream, Australian Beef burgers and homemade pizza. It is quite nice. The owners are friendly. The food is very good especially the ice cream and pizza and also offering Khmer menu. Also dishes normally taking a longer prep times such as sautéed fish with peanut herb sauce can be offered. Their fish Amok is nice testing.
  • Stung Sen Restaurant (near the river). The most up-market ‘tourist friendly’ restaurant in Kompong Thom. Mostlty attracts tour groups. Food not very good. edit
  • Monorom Restaurant: This restaurant, crowded by lots of locals is situated next to the Mittapheap Hotel. Its quite popular on the National Highway No 6 to the North and especially for its breakfast.
  • 9 Makara Restaurant: Just north of the river bridge on the east side of Highway No 6 is a row of three restaurants, with the middle one being 9 Makara Restaurant and Nightclub. The restaurants are enclosed and serve Khmer and Chinese fare, with beer girls there to greet you in the evening.
  • Reaksmay Restaurant: One of the first restaurants you come across at Restaurant Row is this new and upscale place. It’s fairly fancy for Kampong Thom. They serve up a bit of Western food to go along with the Khmer and Chinese fare and it’s the home of the fancy-pants beer girl of Kampong Thom.
  • Super Soup Restaurant at the Stung Sen Royal Hotel. The Super Soup restaurant (try saying that quickly ten times) is everything that it’s billed to be a soup restaurant. Cheap Food Stands. There are simple rice and noodle dish stands in front of the market at the east side.


  • Beside Eating Khmer and Western Foods, you can try fresh Cambodian fruit shake at local price around 2000 Reil. They are mostly located and sell at night.
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