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How to Get There

Kampong Thom province is 165km from Phnom Penh and 150km to Siem Reap with the National Highway No 6, and the separate National Road 64 to Preah Vihear province with a distance of 126 km. There are many bus companies offer daily bus schedule from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and return. So it is easy to drop off Kampong Thom.

Get In

  • Bus: Taking minibuses (3USD) and shared taxis (5 USD) connect from Phnom Penh. The same selection of transport should be available from Siem Reap. Mekong Express buses stop at the Arunras Guest house and tickets can be bought from there. Current Prices (August 2008)for a share taxi (7 seats) from PP to KT is $5 per seat. If you want the front seat to yourself (2 seats) you pay $10. Highly recommended.
  • Share Taxis: If you want to shorten the time to travel to Kampong Thom you may take on of the share taxis. The taxi station is mostly located near the main central market. However, this is faster than bus but you have to pay more as with the bus (approx. US$3-6) per person.
  • Motorcycle Ride:  From Phnom Penh to Kampong Thom can be reached by Motorcycle in all direction problem, because the road from Phnom Penh is in good condition. Acrossing the japanese bridge and travel on National 6A to Skon, where you go left at the traffic circle (Sign of kids holding a bird). This where you can rest and try some Cambodian spider.

Getting Around

  • Kampong Thom to Sambor Prei Kuk: Hire a moto-taxi to take you to the complex. It’s an approx. 2 hours ride through nice scenery and small villages with friendly inhabitants. The Pre-Angkorian site dates back to the beginning of the 7th century and was the capital of the Chenla-Kingdom. Unlike Angkor, the temples are constructed from brick and sandstone. The complex consists of three main groups: Central Group, South Group, North Group, all covered by shady forest.
    Whilst ‘talked up’ by the guide books Sambor Prei Kuk is a disappointment for people expecting temples that even vaguely vie with some of the other Khmer examples. At $3 for a ticket its just about worth it though most of the temples appear to resemble 19th century European brick kilns. Lots of kids hanging around latch on to any visitors (theres not that many) so the ‘peaceful’ temple in the jungle experience doesn’t really happen.
  • Kampong Thom to Siem Reap. Taking 145 km drive, with the road is in good conditions, however while driving becareful of animals, kids and motor on the road for safety driving.
  • The Kampong Thom to Tbeng Meanchey (Preah Vihear). Taking 137 km in trip, you can reach there by driving on Highway 6 toward Siem Reap for about 5 km. On the road, you will see a sign in English will point to the right side of the fork for Tbeng Mean Chey down on Highway No 12. The road here is much improved,  people can reach also Preah Vihear province.
  • Kampong Thom: is the starting point for an adventurous tour to the seldom visited jungle plains of northern Cambodia. This 3-4 days motorbike ride to Preah Vihear is offered by some of the moto-taxi drivers, who will propose it to you once they spot you getting off the bus. With you sitting on the back of the bike, your driver will take you through peaceful villages and rice paddies, passing by friendly locals, spending a night with a local family and visiting the temples of Preah Khan Kompong Thom and Koh Ker on your way. A part of the journey leads you along an old Angkorian road and over its ancient bridges. The ride itself is hardship, skidding over sticks and stones, through sand oceans and bamboo forest, sometimes fording small rivers. From Preah Vihear, you will head to Siem Reap via Anlong Veng, the place where Pol Pot is said to have died.This is how the entire trip can be the most experienced travel for bomb craters, erosion galleys, and rocks are all here for your dirt bike. It can actually be enjoyable stretch, as well as the scenery is brilliant. The stretch is also done during the rainy season, and it may be slippery and dotted with small mud ponds after rains.
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