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Phnom Penh offers a any type for hotels and guesthouses starting from budget  to5-star luxury accommodation. You can have $3 a night budget guesthouse rooms to 5-star hotels. Hotels and guesthouses are stretch across the city, The one popular for staying is in the center and river side of town.

The riverfront areas has massive restaurant, hotels, bars, shops and even sights. Another place popular is at The Boeung Kak Lake area south of the mosque is the backpacker center of town with dozens of cheap restaurants, bars, internet shops and guesthouses strung along Street 93.

Mid-range a/c rooms run from around $15-$90/night with clean a/c rooms with cable TV, fridge and hot water at the low end and well-outfitted boutique hotel rooms at the top. Business-class rooms start at around $110 Guesthouses/Budget Places:If you’re on a short pocket travelling and looking for a cheap accommodation the Lake Side next to the only lake of Phnom Penh will be the place to pop in. There is plenty of very basic budget and mid-range guesthouses from US$1.5-10 per room and night. The sunsets from one of the wooden platforms over the Boeng Kak Lake are pretty famous in town.


  • Luxury Hotels: Luxury hotels in urban Cambodia meet the international requirement standards and are renowned for their outstanding service and hospitality. Expect to be treated like a king, living in elegantly furnished rooms with modern amenities, recreational facilities and an extensive choice of the best dining outlets in town right at your fingertip. Compared with similar establishments in the North, these hotels provide much more value for your money. Examples : Raffle Leroyal, Intercon-tinental Hotel, Cambodiana Hotel, Hotel Sunway based in Phnom Penh.
  • Resort Hotels: Similar to the luxury hotels, the resort hotels are unsurpassed in style, comfort, and value in comparison with their counterparts worldwide. Additionally, they offer astonishing, scenic views of their surroundings, whether it’s the azure blue waters of the south or the rolling hills and forests of the north. Most were specifically designed to be unique, heavenly oasis, blending harmoniously with their environment, and offering a wide range of entertainment and gastronomic delights, with services provided by charming staff. Experience it for yourself at The Regent in Siem Reap or the Sofitel in Siem Reap.
  • Guesthouses/ Beach Bungalow: Booming from the backpacker phenomenon of the 1970’s, guesthouses offer superb value and charming memories for budget travelers. In Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, these establishments are predominantly located on Beoungkork Lake, Riverside. In other major tourist cities and seaside towns, guesthouses and beach bungalows offer clean rooms and friendly service for a relatively cheap price, some as low as 10000-20000 Reil per night. Some may have air-conditioned rooms and private bathrooms. Though the facilities may be basic, the quality of service has reputedly remained good. Beach bungalows may also be prone to insect invasions.


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