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Angkor Elephant Rides

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Angkor Elephant Rides is one of the popular Siem Reap’s attractions. It is now becoming the more and more popular way of visiting Angkor Wat and many of surrounding temples. You will understand how the elephant has been a very important role in the creation of fabulous Cambodia temples. The elephant has been used by many kings and queens as they have traveled to and from the temples and has even helped to construct those same temples. Unfortunately, the elephant has also been used by soldiers in wartime.

The elephant is a highly regarded and respected animal, and one of our main concerns, at Adventurous Asia, is to educate the people of Cambodia to preserve and sustain the elephant, and all wildlife, especially those that have become endangered because of warfare.

An Elephant ride in Siem Reap is a great way to soak up the atmosphere under the shade of the huge trees and also offers a different view on the temples. The first elephant ride starts in the morning at 08:00 from the South Gate of Angkor Thom to the Bayon Temple. The elephants is located next to the Bayon Temple for rides around Bayon temple. The last elephant ride is at 10:30 from Bayon Temple back to the South Gate.

The Bayon is the most impressive temple in Angkor Thom city and is really one of the most spectacular ruins of Angkor, its gigantic smiling faces looking at different directions, so the elephant ride around the Bayon is an interesting and meaningful ride to explore the faces and see its huge scale from outside.

1/ Ride from South Gate of Angkor Thom is $15/pax now.
2/ Ride up the Bakheng Hill is $20/ pax now.
3/ Ride around Bayon temple is $15/pax.

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