Banteay Samre Temple

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  • Constructed : Mid 12th century
  • King : Suryavarman II (reigned 1113-1150)
  • Religion: Hinduism (dedicated to Vishnu)
  • Style : Angkor Wat
  • Location/Access : Outside of the large circuit, one finds Banteay Samre 3 kilometers in the East of East Mebon Temple.
  • Time to Visit: 30 minutes…


Banteay Samre Temple is located at Preah Dak commune, Bon Tiey Srey District by Charles De Gaulle Road via Angkor Wat in 16-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Siem Reap. This temple is somewhat isolated, and you should visit this temple with a local guide. The temple is worth the extra effort to experience the elaborate architecture, and fine carvings, although theft has mutilated many of the temple’s treasures.

Banteay Samre Temple is one of the most complete complexes at Angkor Wat due to restoration using the method of anastylosis. Unfortunately, the absence of maintenance over the past 20 years is evident. The name Samre refers to an ethnic group of mountain people, who inhabited the regions at the base of Phnom Kulen and were probably related to the Khmers. No inscription has been found for this temple, but the style of most of the architecture is of the classic art of the middle period similar to Angkor Wat. The monument most likely dates from the same period, or, perhaps, slightly later, although there are additions attributed to the Bayon Temple style. The proportions of Banteay Samre Temple are plended. A unique feature is an interior moat with laterite paving, which when filled with water must have given an ethereal atmosphere to the temple. All of the buildings around the moat are on a raised base with horizontal mouldings, decoreated in some areas with figures framed by lotus buds.

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