Lbak Khaon Waterfall

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Lbak Khaon Waterfall, Stung Treng
Lbak Khaon Waterfall, Stung Treng

Lbak Khaon Waterfall is located in the north of Cambodia, Stung Treng Province. They know that this is an area where the Mekong River tumbles down 26m of tiered rock-faces at the border of Cambodia and Laos PDR. However, most have probably never had the opportunity to visit there.

In the rainy season, when the water levels of the river rise and rise to meet the top of the riverbank, the huge volume and speed of the falls create a spectacular blanket of mist; while in the dry season, when the water recedes, menacing sharp-edged rocks surface. The exposed area of the falls becomes a field of colorful rocks, of reds, blacks and whites.

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