Kbal O’Chra

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Kbal O’Chra is located O’Chra village, Toul Lwea Commune, Kan Pailin, about 5 kilometes . It is a Nature & Wildlife Preserves. One of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Pailin City is the Kbal O Chra, Pailin City. A pretty little town positioned in the west of Cambodia, Pailin City is dotted with a plethora of points of attraction. This picturesque city is snuggled between Battambang and the border of Thailand. When you come to this beautiful city, a visit to the Kbal O Chra, Pailin City should be in your list of must-visits.Kbal O Chra, Pailin City is located at the Ouchra Leu Village in Tuol Lwea Commune, Khan Pailin. The provincial town is just 5 km away from Kbal O Chra in Pailin City.

Throughout the year the Pailin City is flocked by hordes of tourists from various corners of the world. The areas in and around the Pailin City are loaded with gemstones. Precious gemstones of different varieties are present in these areas. Purchasing such gemstones is one of the main attractions that draw tourists to the city. That apart, the Kbal O Chra, Pailin City is a major attraction in Pailin City for tourists who come here. travel.mapsofworld.com provides complete online information about the Kbal O Chra, Pailin City and other tourist attractions in Pailin City.

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