Epic Arts

Who we are

Every Person Is Counted. The work of Epic Arts aims to change people’s attitudes towards disability, encouraging the belief that every person is counted. We use performance as a key means to encourage the general community to


involve disabled people in the arts and other areas of work, and to view them as valued members of society. The Cambodian branch of the UK-based arts charity, we were set up to nurture and highlight the abilities of those usually termed as disabled by society.


What we do

Our work here is three fold – arts workshops, performance and a café. The aim of our workshops – such as Khmer dance, contemporary dance, drama, art, craft, music and puppetry – is to encourage the integration of disabled and able-bodied people in the community. We work in partnership with various organisations and schools throughout Cambodia, including over 15 disability groups.

Our performances are presented by a professional dance group and youth groups. The former recently staged ‘the Return’, a 40-minute show featuring Cambodia’s first professional disabled dancers, alongside master musicians connected with Cambodian Living Arts and student musicians supported by Amrita Arts. Our youth groups – made up of deaf and disabled children – currently perform two dance productions.

In early 2006, we set up a small arts café in Kampot in south-western Cambodia. The idea came from the deaf children in Kampot who wanted a place to meet and belong. The café employs deaf and disabled persons, with the menu in sign language.

What you can experience

If you happen to be taking a trip up the Bokor Mountain in Kampot, make sure you drop by at the Epic Arts Café. It’s a good rest stop to enjoy delicious homemade cakes and brownies, bagels, lunch snacks and fruit shakes.

Chat to our friendly staff, read about our work and even learn some sign language.
Purchase some of the homemade cards and other handicrafts made by the deaf and disabled members of the community that are on display at the café.

Profits from the café and gifts goes towards supporting new projects with Epic Arts and the local organisation Teang Tnaut. A percentage also goes to the individual producers who make the handicrafts.

If you have any skills in art and craft and would be interested in running a workshop please contact Katie at the e-mail address below.

Contact us:
Telephone: 012 350 824 or 012 376 968
Email: [email protected]

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