Who we are

Improving the quality of life of vulnerable women and their children through sustainable social and economic integration.

NYEMO aims to provide vulnerable women with the necessary means to regain their dignity and participate actively in the development of their country. Every year, around 800 women who are abused, trafficked, sick, affected by HIV/AIDS or abandoned by their families or husbands and close to 700 helpless and orphaned children receive support from us. We are a Cambodian non-government organization established in 1998, jointly working with government ministries and local organizations.

What we do

Our activities revolve around a drop-in centre, which provides support services and assists the women in their reintegration into society and workforce. The center also provides counseling, food, day care, temporary shelter, access to public health care facilities, basic education, job placement services, micro-credit finance to start a small business, and targeted vocational training.

Women at our reintegration program can choose from a number of vocational training courses – cooking & cleaning, sewing & embroidery, dress making & sewing, traditional silk weaving, and laundry & pressing. All products made by our trainees – previously unskilled and unemployed women – are sold in our boutiques. This ensures that the women are not simply beneficiaries of our services, but empowered active partners.

The trainees complete a comprehensive six-month training program.

We opened our first restaurant and handicraft boutique in Phnom Penh in 1998, with a second boutique at the Russian Market, and a third in Siem Reap.

What you can experience

  • In Phnom Penh, tour our production workshops located at house #14 and 33, street 310 where woman support groups produce traditional Khmer silk handicrafts displayed on our premises. For wholesales, exports, and special design orders, you can place an order at our workshops.
  • In Phnom Penh, at our restaurant Le Rit’s there are two choices of three-course set and à la carte lunch menu. We offer both Asian and European cuisines, plus a full range of drinks in our restaurant or beautiful garden setting. We are open from 7am-5pm Monday to Saturday.

Student at Neymo

  • In Phnom Penh, a tour to visit the children and their recreational and educational activities is most welcome during working hours from 8am-12am and 2pm-5pm. In Siem Reap, at our boutique located in Carnets d’Asie: #333, Sivatha Boulevard, purchase our attractive handicraft products made by trained beneficiaries who used to be poor and vulnerable women to help them to improve their quality of life and that of their children. It would be great if you have our products for your friends and your family when you are home!
  • Help mothers help themselves and their children by creating jobs for them, through the purchase of our full range of Khmer gifts including bags, cushion covers, curtains, purses, and soft children’s toys at our boutiques in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Contact your hotel, guesthouse, or tour operator for more information.
For further information on our activities and how to help us, please contact us at:

Telephone: (023) 213 160
Email: [email protected]

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