Biking Cambodia

Who we are

Biking is an ideal way to discover Cambodia and get an accurate impression of the Khmer culture. We show you the real world of daily life and take you off the beaten track into the heart of the country.

Biking Cambodia
Biking Cambodia

Come with us, you can experience places of visual, natural and historical interest. We offer custom private tours for small groups which allows more spontaneity, e.g. stopping at interesting places without having to be concerned about keeping up with the group. Our cycling programs allow you to see the facets of the Khmer empire with experienced guides but also a glimpse into rural Cambodian life.

When you visit a foreign country, it’s best to find the professionals who know what they are talking about and can be replied upon to show you the historical sights, the country, guide you to discover the people’s customs and the language. And last but not least, you need a secure and safe environment. BIKING CAMBODIA is, perhaps, the only local Tour Operator who can offer you all you need to fulfil your holiday requirements.

History of Biking Cambodia

Biking Cambodia is the only local tour operator specialized in biking and cycling in Cambodia. We are situated in Siem Reap and are managed and operated by a Swiss and Cambodian team since 1998.

We have partnered with many significant International Tour Operators in the past and this remains one of our main sources of business.

We have a large range of routers and mountain bikes such as Garry Fisher, Giant, Trek, Bridgestone depending on the chosen circuit. Each one is equipped with quality Shimano breaks and gears, with or without front suspension. Persons from 140 to 190 cm in height should find bikes that are suitable.

Our bikes are always fully serviced before a trip.

We like the versatility and durability of the mountain bike as it has been designed to cope with different types of terrain and riding. Even on our road trips, the asphalt can often be broken, unpaved with the occasional sandy section, so mountain bikes are the most suitable. They also have the gears to cope with the hills.

Spare parts and tools will follow you on the tour on the escort vehicle.

Biking Accessories

If you are accustomed to mountain biking, bring your own gloves, helmet, sunglasses, shoes and biking shorts. If you do cycling occasionally, normal running or cross-country shoes will also do (hard-soles are recommended). Further, we recommend light cotton shorts. Helmets are recommended and can be provided. We also provide you with a small bag (which can be attached to the bike) for your drinking water and small accessories.

Our Guidelines and Recommendations

Bringing Your own Mountain Bike – You want to bring your own bike? No problem, but make sure that it is well serviced. We recommend mountain bikes for our adventure tours, but tourers are also suitable for the temples circuits. On most tours rigid forks will do fine, but thin-tyred racing bikes are not appropriate. For all off-road trips, mountain bikes are the only suitable bikes and front suspension is recommended.

Your Personal Security

Our guide is permanently at your side to help you during the tours. Driver and cycling guide stay in contact with our office in case of a problem.

Food and Accommodation

This depends on the program. Food is taken at local restaurants, we provide also our own cook on remote places. There is always enough food available (important for a biker). Main meals are served with rice and we eat lots of vegetables. Drinking water is available during all rides. Accommodation depends on the program. It could be a guesthouse, a hotel, bivouac or sleeping in a house with the inhabitants, according to the program chosen.

Who can Come Biking?

Anyone in a good physical condition can participate. If someone feels tired, he can rest in our escort vehicle. Your belongings are also put on the van, so there is not much weight left for you.

Health and Accident Insurance

Personal insurances must be contracted by you in cases of accident, money loss, bodily injury or death.

Contact Info:
Mr Pierre HOLDENER : +855 (0) 12-582-550 / +855 (0) 92-476-682
#668 Hup Guan Street – POBOX18 – Siem Reap – Cambodia
Email : [email protected]

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