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Confirel is a socially responsible enterprise offering a large assortment of authentic Khmer products. Its first aim is to provide local farmers with a substantial increase of their revenue by purchasing their production at a fair price.

At the beginning, the company focused on one easily and broadly available resource in Cambodia: The sugar palm tree. From this, we developed and extensive range of products such as granulated sugar, candies, wine, spirits and vinegar. Confirel believes in reviving a major natural resource of the country, the Thnot, in order to provide to the countryside an additional income to improve their living conditions and to avoid the rural exodus.

Confirel, Cambodia Confirel, Cambodia



Then, with the time, we developed the company around another typical Cambodian product: the Kampot Pepper. From this pepper, we developed an Herbal Tea as well as a Pepper Sauce to highlight its specific taste. Thus, Confirel developed a range of high-quality traditional products.

Those products are grown naturally to ensure their best quality. Our “Thnot” sugar is organic certified by Ecocert, a French-based company ensuring its top quality in every pack. Thus, farmers are proud of giving the best of Cambodian soil to guarantee an exceptional taste to the customers in every single product.

Confirel products can be tasted at our showroom on St.178, close to the University of Fine Arts and the national museum. In this shop, you will discover a place packed with a huge selection of delicious products to delight each and every taste! In addition, you can try our products within typical Khmer dishes in our new first floor restaurant and enjoy traditional Khmer cuisine with an exclusive touch!

Contact Information

#57, Street 178; near the National Museum
Songkat Chey Chomneas,Khan Doun Penh, Phnom Penh
H/P: + (855) 12 981 724

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