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Who we are

Osmose, a not-for-profit association, has implemented a pilot conservation and development project in 3 floating villages of the Prek Toal area, Tonle Sap Lake. The site is critical for the survival of several species of endangered waterbirds.

Osmos, Siem Reap, Cambodia Osmos, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The project aims to link preservation of waterbird colonies to the sustainable development of local communities. In addition to saving seven bird species from extinction, over 130 families benefit from our project. In essence, our program is an environmental awareness endeavour combining short-term priorities (saving the bird colonies from extinction), long-term ownership building (environmental education) and economic incentives (direct and indirect benefits to target groups).

What we do

Through a jointly managed program with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Osmose has developed an integrated approach through three types of programmes:
Conservation: close protection of waterbird colonies by a local conservation team employing 25 villagers, half of them being former bird collectors

Education: indoor and outdoor environmental classes for over 1,100 children, instilling care and appreciation for their natural environment.

Ecotourism: organisation of guided tours to the bird sanctuary and floating villages for small groups aiming to provide alternative income-generating activities for villagers
In addition, we have developed a floating gardens project to assist 54 families in growing products for both consumption and sale. We also support the revival of local knowledge of water hyacinth weaving, which the community sells as handicrafts. This has helped to improve the livelihoods of 24 village women and to reduce the spread of water hyacinth on the lake. We also provide health and schooling assistance to the poorest families.

What you can experience

Take a tour on the great Tonle Sap Lake to see Prek Toal Wildlife Sanctuary and the endangered bird species of Cambodia. This includes tours of the floating villages and other points of interest such as crocodile farm, pagoda and observation of fishing techniques.

Visit the Osmose office in Siem Reap to learn more about what we do.
Purchase publications, posters or village handicrafts woven from water hyacinth and support a valuable project.

Contact us

Telephone: 012 832 812
Email: [email protected]

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